What It Takes to Being a Nerd Dad?

By Tiffany

Being a nerd Dad is something different all together. Its about Playing and Being Firm at the same time. If I am to tell the truth it can be hard at times too. But how do I balance being the Fun and Loving Dad that I have always wanted to be, while still being firm in disciplining when needing too?

Its all about Balance. It’s about when to say no and when to give Silas what he wants. Its about choosing the nights he gets to stay up later when he asks and when to tell him he cant stay up past his bedtime. The harder time is when Ellie is crying for her Dada when its bedtime. And I have to fight the urge to go in their room and comfort her. Balance..mixed with Love. Sometimes I have to give in, not for them but for me.

Love. There is lots of love that can come from toddlers. From dancing in the mornings with Ellie as we play one of her favorite songs – Baby Shark and seeing her face light up with joy, to chasing Silas around the room pretending to be a monster and hearing him erupt into a fit of giggles. To being greeted with a giant hug in the mornings to being tackled by both of them for no reason at all but just to play and hang out with Dada. Being a dad can fill your heart with love. But that Love is also about those harder times too. Its about when its past the kids’ bed time, and they are crying and you have to sit in your chair and let them cry it out, Because you love them.

What It Takes to Being a Nerd Dad

Now the Nerdy Part of being a dad is Lots Of fun. From playing video games with Silas for an hour for no reason at all is lots of fun. One of the benefits is I get to see him start out not knowing how to play a game to learning how to play it over a short time. Watching his excitement while playing and learning is such a joy for me. Just like all those other fathers out their on YouTube, Silas and I have started playing Fortnite together.

Being a Dad is a lot of Fun, But sometimes you are dealt with some harder times. I don’t want to change a thing about it though. The easy or the hard. Its all worth it in the end. So here is to more Nerd Dad Moments…As I play Games with him and He tells me that I died because I am really Bad at Fortnite. Nerd Dad Out!

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