Selling Pampered Chef

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Pampered Chef is a direct sales company specializing in high-quality kitchen tools, cookware, and accessories. Founded in 1980, it offers a wide range of products to make cooking and meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.

Through a network of independent consultants, Pampered Chef sells their products through in-home cooking demonstrations and parties. Consultants showcase the products, provide cooking tips, and offer a personalized shopping experience to customers. Selling Pampered Chef involves becoming an independent consultant, hosting parties or demonstrations, and earning income through product sales and commissions.

Pampered Chef

Important Facts About Selling Pampered Chef


As a Pampered Chef consultant, you can purchase products at a discounted rate, with savings ranging from 20% to 40% off the retail price. Additionally, you can enjoy a 50% discount on new product releases, allowing you to stay updated with the latest offerings and expand your product knowledge. This benefit enables you to showcase and demonstrate a wide range of high-quality kitchen tools and accessories to your customers while also enjoying the perks of using them in your kitchen.

Cash Rewards

By building and leading a team of consultants, you can earn additional cash rewards on top of your regular commissions. As your team grows and achieves sales targets, you can earn bonuses or overrides based on their performance. This incentivizes you to mentor and support your team members, fostering collaboration and creating a mutually beneficial environment for financial success.

Monthly Rewards

Pampered Chef offers exciting monthly rewards to recognize and reward consultants for their achievements. This may include early access to new product launches, allowing you to try and promote them before they become widely available. Additionally, you can earn exclusive logo gear, such as branded merchandise, which serves as a token of appreciation and helps build your brand presence and showcase your affiliation with Pampered Chef.


Pampered Chef places importance on recognizing the accomplishments of its consultants. Each month, you will be celebrated for your achievements, whether it’s for reaching sales goals, surpassing milestones, or showing exceptional leadership. This recognition helps to boost motivation, foster a sense of accomplishment, and create a supportive community where achievements are acknowledged and celebrated. Furthermore, during the annual conference, consultants receive special recognition for their outstanding performance and can connect with fellow consultants from across the organization.

Travel Experiences

One of the exciting incentives of selling Pampered Chef products and building a team is the opportunity to earn travel experiences. Consultants who achieve certain sales targets or meet specific goals can qualify for incentive trips to exciting destinations. These trips provide a chance to relax, recharge, and enjoy memorable experiences while bonding with other successful consultants. In addition to the financial rewards, the travel experiences offer a unique opportunity to explore new places, create lasting memories, and be rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Important Facts About Selling Pampered Chef

What To Sell From Pampered Chef?

These categories cover a wide range of kitchen essentials and innovative products to suit different cooking styles and preferences, enabling consultants to showcase and sell a diverse selection of high-quality items.

Cookware: Pampered Chef provides high-quality cookware, including pots, pans, and bakeware, to enhance cooking performance and durability.

Kitchen Tools: The company offers a variety of innovative and ergonomic kitchen tools, such as knives, spatulas, measuring cups, and more, designed to simplify food preparation and improve cooking efficiency.

Stoneware: Pampered Chef’s stoneware collection includes baking dishes, pizza stones, and grill pans. Stoneware distributes heat evenly, resulting in deliciously cooked meals with a crispy texture.

Small Appliances: Pampered Chef offers a selection of small kitchen appliances, such as blenders, mixers, and food processors, to assist with blending, mixing, chopping, and other food preparation tasks.

Cutlery: The cutlery line includes high-quality knives designed for precision cutting, chopping, and slicing, with various blade types and sizes to meet different cooking needs.

Pantry: Pampered Chef’s pantry products include seasonings, sauces, and mixes to enhance flavors and simplify cooking. These products are designed to help create delicious meals and snacks effortlessly.

Outdoor Grilling: For those who enjoy grilling, Pampered Chef offers various tools, accessories, and marinades to enhance the grilling experience and help achieve perfectly cooked meals.

What To Sell From Pampered Chef

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Pampered Chef?

Flexible Schedule: Selling Pampered Chef allows you to have a flexible work schedule, allowing you to work at your own pace and balance other commitments.

Extra Income: Selling Pampered Chef products can provide you with an additional source of income, whether it’s to supplement your current earnings or to save for specific goals or expenses.

Personal and Professional Development: By becoming a Pampered Chef consultant, you can enhance your personal and professional skills, such as communication, sales, marketing, and leadership, which can be valuable in various aspects of your life.

Discounts and Rewards: As a consultant, you have access to discounted products and the opportunity to earn rewards, such as free products, exclusive logo gear, and even incentive trips, providing you with added value and exciting perks.

Community and Support: Joining Pampered Chef connects you to a community of consultants who share a passion for cooking and entrepreneurship. You can build relationships, receive support, and collaborate with like-minded individuals on your journey as a consultant.

Product Knowledge and Demonstration Skills: Selling Pampered Chef allows you to develop a deep understanding of kitchen tools, cookware, and food preparation techniques, enabling you to enhance your cooking skills and share that knowledge with others during demonstrations and parties.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Pampered Chef

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Selling Pampered Chef?

Initial Investment: Starting as a Pampered Chef consultant requires an initial investment to purchase a starter kit or product inventory, which can be a financial commitment.

Market Saturation: Depending on your location, there may already be many Pampered Chef consultants, which can result in increased competition for sales and potential customers.

Sales Performance Pressure: Meeting sales targets and building a customer base requires consistent effort and dedication, which can create pressure to perform and maintain momentum.

Seasonal Demand: The demand for kitchen products and cooking supplies may vary seasonally, affecting sales and income potential during slower periods.

Dependence on Party Hosts: Pampered Chef relies on hosting in-home cooking demonstrations and parties, which means your success is tied to finding hosts and scheduling events, which can be challenging at times.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Selling Pampered Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Profitable To Sell Pampered Chef?

The profitability of selling Pampered Chef products can vary based on your sales efforts, customer base, and market conditions. Consultants can earn commissions on their sales and potentially increase their income by building and leading a team.

Can You Sell Pampered Chef From Your Home?

Yes, you can sell Pampered Chef products from the comfort of your home by hosting in-home cooking demonstrations and parties to showcase the products and generate sales.

What Is Startup Kit At Pampered Chef?

The startup kit at Pampered Chef is a package of essential tools and resources provided to new consultants to help them get started with their businesses. It typically includes product samples, catalogs, training materials, and business supplies.

What Products Pampered Chef Offer For Sale?

Pampered Chef offers a diverse range of kitchen products for sale. Their product line includes cookware, kitchen tools, stoneware, small appliances, cutlery, pantry items, and outdoor grilling accessories. These products are designed to enhance cooking and baking experiences, promote efficiency in the kitchen, and provide high-quality tools and equipment for home cooks and chefs alike.

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