How We Spent Easter 2020

By Tiffany

Easter 2020

This year was the first year we didn’t get to get together with the whole extended family, due to the whole COVID19 stay home stay healthy order that is in place in our state. It was different and strange. We didn’t have a big easter dinner like we normally do. And we didn’t get to hang out with all the nieces and nephews like normal. We did, however, get to sneak over to my little sisters and do a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard with our little ones. Before you yell at us for not staying home, we did keep our distance as much as possible and we were outside for most of the time we were there. It was little Sammy’s first easter egg hunt and we wanted to share that joy with him.

Easter Vlog

Check out our video vlog of how we spent Easter.

Dinner was different

What we didn’t show in the vlog, of course, was Shane having to go to work during the evening and me and the kiddos having Pizza delivered from Pizza Hut for our Easter dinner. I’ve been so used to getting to go to my grandmas or one of my sisters-in-law for a big easter dinner that it was strange for me to just get delivery. and of all things pizza at that, but that’s what happens when I ask the five-year-old what he would like for dinner. (Silas loves pizza, even making it like we do in this post.) It was a different kind of Easter this year that’s for sure. How was your Easter festivities? Were they different and strange this year too? Did you still have a special dinner or did you do take out like we did? Lets us know in the comments below.

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