Anniversary Date Night – We Went to a Concert

By Tiffany

Sometimes parents need a break, not just 10 minutes or an hour. Like a whole night off. We need a break every once in a while. We got to experience that break the other night. Shane and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary together by going to a sold out Switchfoot concert in Seattle.

It was so nice to be away from the kiddos and enjoy a night of music. Switchfoot was playing at the Neptune theater in Seattle. I’ve been to a lot of venues in Seattle, like the Moore theater and the show-box sodo, so getting the chance to see a concert at the Neptune theater was exciting because I had never been their before. For anyone who is a fan of anything nautical, then you have to check out the Neptune theater if you ever get the chance to do so. The Neptune features a nautical theme throughout the venue. For example their concession stand is shaped like a boat and there is marble finishes throughout and statues of Neptune. Not to mention there is stained glass windows with mermaids and images of Neptune. It was such a beautiful venue. I definitely want to go see another band perform their.

It had been awhile since Shane and I actually had a date night. We didn’t go somewhere fancy for dinner, since I had to work until 5 pm, and almost didn’t get off on time. Shane however brought a change of clothes and shoes for me to change into so I wouldn’t have to go in my work uniform. ( because who wants to do that? I mean I hate going to the store in my work uniform as it is, but a concert? Oh heck no please.) Hes a keeper that one. Shane drove while I changed in the back seat. We stopped at a Wendy’s and ordered food and used the restroom before continuing up to Seattle. Traffic wasn’t too bad which was great. We made it to the venue about 10 minutes after they opened the door.

I was hoping we would have been able to grab seats in the upper level, since I had worked an 8 hour shift I was praying I would’ve been able to sit down and enjoy the show. But my luck didn’t turn out, there were no seats available. So we walked down to the general floor and were able to snag a pretty decent spot up front and to the side. Their was a railing we could lean against and lean did I ever. Haha.

One of the things I love the most about going to concerts with Shane is that not only do we get a night away from the children but we get to spend it together enjoying music that we both enjoy. Its always such a joy getting to listen to music performed live that you have enjoyed listening to for years. Even better when you get to share that experience with someone you love.

Date nights are rare in our household, but when we get the chance to have one we enjoy every minute of it. Even if it includes fast food for dinner. Do you have date nights with your significant other? If so what do you guys enjoy doing?

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