About Us

Welcome to PNW Nerd Parents

Shane & Tiffany

We are a couple in the Pacific Northwest that are proud parents of two kids. Silas and Ellie. PNW Nerd Parents is all about our journey as parents trying to navigate our nerdy lifestyle while raising our two little ones and having fun at the same time.

About US

Meet Nerd Mama:

AKA: Tiffany

Thirty One. Loves Marvel and DC. Favorite Marvel Character: Captain America. Loves StarWars, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and anything Disney related. Coffee Addict. Favorite Color is purple. Loves the smell of the air after it has just rained. Is a fan of anything chocolate with peanut butter. Has a never ending pile of books to be read. Is Obsessed with shopping at Target. Doesn’t really play video games all that much, but enjoys watching Shane play. Always trying to find new ways of saving money. Enjoys photography. Is gonna visit London and Paris someday.

Meet Nerd Dad:

AKA: Shane

Thirty Six. Is a Trekkie Nerd. Lover of Science and space tech. Is a typical Gamer. Also a PC Nerd. Likes to Read. Is hard working. Loves staying up too late gaming even if he has to get up super early for work. Enjoys World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Destiny 1 and 2, PlayStation 4, and YouTube. Likes to listen to music throughout the whole day. Has busy Fridays and Lazy Wednesdays. Loves to make Puns 24/7. Likes Spiderman and Dr Strange. Also a fan of Batman and The Power Rangers. Loves the Winter and anything to do with Snow. Has found a new joy in Flying drones. Enjoys cooking and is always making food for Tiffany. Loves the outdoors and hanging out outside. Wants to travel to France one day.