A Simple and Easy Dinner – The Whole Family Can Make Together

By Tiffany

The other night we decided we wanted pizza for dinner. but instead of ordering delivery or going to go pick it up, we decided we were gonna make our own pizza. We picked up the ingredients from Winco and spent about $12.00 on everything; The dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and ham. Super budget friendly and the kiddos had a blast helping.

What we got:

  • Package of diced ham: $3.88
  • Package of fresh dough: $1.48
  • Package of freshly sliced pepperoni: $1.34
  • A container of sauce: $1.36
  • Package of freshly shredded cheese: $3.15

Total price of our homemade pizza : $11.21.


The kiddos had a blast making the pizza. They especially loved eating the pepperoni when they thought mama wasn’t paying attention. But mama saw them and even joined them in eating the extra pepperoni. The pizza turned out delicious, the kiddos even ate two pieces each. and usually, they only eat about one slice. so for them to eat two slices each was really great. We’ve made homemade pizzas before, but this time we included the toddlers and let them help, which made making dinner a fun activity. Have you ever made homemade pizza before? Did you let your kids help? What other kid-friendly dinners have you made together? Let us know in the comments below.


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